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Bloons Tower Defense is a strategic game where you set up towers to prevent the bloons' attack. It's time to break all balloons before they enter your base.

The tower defense games always have attractive points for any player. With colorful graphics and simple control, BTD captures many players' hearts. In this game, you can show off your strategic skills by breaking all balloons. Now, we will discover the gameplay, strategies, and battles of this fun game.

What makes Bloons Tower Defense popular until now

This game was released in 2007 but it's still well-known until now. There are many other video games with 3D graphics and thrilling action scenes but this simple game is still the favorite list of many gamers. Do you wonder why it is still hot now?

Wide appeal and accessibility

No one can deny the appeal of this game even when it has simple graphics. The cartoon style isn't only for children but adults can also enjoy it. This game is suitable for all players of all levels. Although you are a casual gamer relaxing with quick challenges or a pro gamer looking for complex gameplay, this game is suitable for you.

Increasing difficulty levels

There are many rounds in this game, so the difficulty levels also increase through the rounds. If you are a newbie, you also still easily pass the first rounds. However, your skills have to be improved to pass the later levels. This makes the game more challenging and players won't be bored with too easy challenges. Besides, the difficulty raised gradually is the best way to enhance your strategy skills.

Run on almost all platforms

Instead of installing this game on your device, you can experience it on the browser. It's available on mobile or PC. Therefore, you can challenge your mind even when you are walking. Of course, your device must be connected to the Internet to play this game. Furthermore, this game is unblocked at the school or office. Now, let's have a relaxing time in your break time!

Bloons Tower Defense battles

Your enemies in this game aren't monsters or humans. They are balloons called bloons. You can see an entrance at the end of a road which needs your protection. If many bloons enter this entrance, the game will end immediately. Therefore, the battles of this game need your careful preparation.

Destroy all bloons

Remember that balloons are the danger in this game. You don't have weapons such as swords or guns but you can use the tower to break the bloons. You can get one coin after destroying one balloon. Then, you can use the coins you get to purchase new towers.

Upgrade your towers

Many new balloons with new power will appear in the later rounds. If you just set up the original tower to prevent them, it's easy to lose this game. Therefore, you need to upgrade your towers to enhance your team's power. You can raise the speed and range of each tower with coins. From that, the tower can shoot a target from a far distance and their damage also increases.

Follow the statistics on the screen

Let's look at the statistics on the right corners of the screen. You can see your lives, money, and rounds. You can know whether you have enough money to buy new towers or upgrade the old tower, and how many lives you have left. If the lives reach 0, you will lose this game. If one bloon enters your base, you will lose one life.

Understand the objects in Bloons Tower Defense

This game only has balloons and towers. Your mission is to prevent these balloons from flying into the entrance. To complete the mission, you should know the features of each bloon and tower.

Bloons Tower Defense bloons

The colors are not only decorative but also used to distinguish different types of bloons. Knowing the features of the bloons will make the game easier. You will know which towers to use to destroy them. So, don't skip the following instructions.

  • Red Bloons: This is the weakest type and can be defeated with just one bullet. They will appear mainly in the first levels.
  • Blue bloons: This type of bloon contains a red bloon inside them. So, when you destroy a blue bloon, a red bloon will appear.
  • Yellow bloons: The speed of these bloons is the fastest. Sometimes, your towers won't be able to hit them. In yellow bloons, there are blue bloons and red bloons.
  • Black and white bloons: They are not as fast as yellow bloons but they are the most difficult to deal with. Their size is quite small, so hitting them will be difficult for single-target towers. They will fly and hide behind larger bloons. Even though they are tiny in size, these white and black bloons contain 3 types of bloons (red, blue and yellow).

Bloons Tower Defense Towers

After distinguishing the bloons, now you need to learn the weak and strong points of the towers in this game. From there, you will have appropriate choices to complete the tasks in this game.

  • Dart Tower: It cost 250. These towers can shoot a single dart. You can upgrade them to piercing darts and long-range darts. These towers are the cheapest but they're really useful.
  • Tack Tower: These towers cost 400. These towers can shoot a volley of tacks in 8 directions. However, their shooting speed isn't as fast as dart towers.
  • Ice Tower: They cost 850. These towers don't have damage but they can freeze nearby bloons. Frozen bloons are immune to darts and tacks, but bombs will destroy them.
  • Bomb Tower: You need to pay 900 coins to purchase a bomb tower. They can launch a bomb that explodes on impact. However, their shooting speed is really slow although its damage is impressive. Therefore, you should consider before setting up these towers.
  • Super Monkey: They're the most expensive towers but they're worth that cost. Super Monkey shoots a continuous stream of darts and can mow down even the fastest and most stubborn bloons.

Strategies to win Bloons Tower Defense

A game that requires skill and intelligence, clever strategies are also extremely important. Protect your tower from dangerous bloons. Next, I will give some strategies of some professional gamers. Follow these strategies if you are a newbie.

Understand the terrain in the game

To place the towers properly, you should take some time to study the map. Bloons only move in one path. This road will have sections next to each other. Try to find positions where the tower can do the most damage. If you have enough money, you can even place a tower along the way. Rest assured that these bloons cannot attack your tower.

Balance your defense

As you know, bloons will be divided into many types. So, you need different towers to handle different types of bloons. Always remember the features of the towers to combine them effectively. For example, you should place a bomb tower close to an ice tower to cause the most damage. Because only bombs can destroy frozen bloons. Placing only one type of tower is not recommended.

Upgrade wisely

Upgrading is necessary, but it will be most effective when you know how to choose a low building to upgrade. Upgrading the random tower is not recommended. Focus on upgrading towers located in key areas or with high rates of fire. However, you also need to prioritize upgrades that are appropriate for the bloon wave you are facing.

Bloons TD 6

After the success of the installments in the BTD series, Bloons TD 6 was released in 2018. This latest installment retains the same engaging gameplay and simple controls as previous installments. However, the graphics will be upgraded quite a bit. Battles become more satisfying for gamers. With more than 60 maps with a variety of challenges, players will experience new things. In addition, this 6th game also has an extremely new feature. It allows players to form teams and experience with their friends. Although it has been out for a while, part 6 is still not available on the browser. You can just install it to your device to play. Please try out the original and latest versions and give us feedback. Which version do you like more?

Experience exciting feelings

In short, this is a fun game that anyone can experience. Not only does it entertain you, but you can also improve your strategic abilities. BTD has taken tower defense games to the next level with intense gameplay and thrilling battles. Money management, maps, and enemy analysis are all essential skills in this game. Eliminate all dangers that want to enter your base. If you like this game, don't forget to share it with your friends. I'm sure that they'll love this game. Have a fun time!

Game control:

  • If you play on the mobile, you just tap on the screen to play.
  • If you play on the PC, click the left mouse button to play this game.