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Prepare to engage in the Age of War, where strategic mastery is your path to triumph. Develop your base, research technology, and lead your army to victory.

The epic journey of civilization in the game Age of War

Age of War takes you on a grand adventure through the annals of time. Your role is to take command of an army that evolves across five distinct ages:

Stone Age: The earliest phase of civilization, where crude tools and basic strategies are your only assets.

Castle Age: As society progresses, you'll witness the rise of castles, knights, and more advanced weaponry.

Renaissance Age: The age of enlightenment and exploration, where innovative tactics and powerful units emerge.

Modern Age: The 20th century brought warfare to new heights with tanks, airplanes, and high-tech warfare.

Future Age: An era of technological wonders, where advanced weaponry and futuristic units are at your disposal.

Each age presents unique challenges and opportunities, allowing you to experience the ever-changing landscape of warfare.


Intense combat on the battlefield is the main attraction. You'll face ruthless enemy forces as you lead your army through the ages. Your mission is to destroy the enemy's base, but doing so will be difficult. To win, you'll need to employ tactical strategies and make well-considered decisions regarding the placement of units, the allocation of resources, and the protection of your base.

Get rewards and make your army stronger

Triumph over enemy units yields valuable rewards in the form of XP and coins, essential for your army's growth. These resources play a pivotal role in several aspects:

Unit Training: Coins are employed to strengthen and enhance your units, molding them into formidable combatants.

Turret Fortification: Investment in enhancing your defenses with strategically placed turrets ensures your base remains impregnable.

Strategic Deployment: Meticulous positioning of your units and turrets maximizes their battlefield effectiveness.

The role of turrets

In Age of War, turrets are more than just defensive structures; they're what keep your base safe. You can stop enemy attacks by strategically placing turrets. This gives you the time you need to gather resources and get ready for a strong counterattack. Your victory depends on how well you choose and place your turrets.

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