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About Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite opens up a challenging world with spikes. You will have to overcome a series of challenges along the way to reach the finish line.

Various difficulty levels

The game provides a range of levels with varying degrees of difficulty, from simple to complex. There are new difficulties at every level, such as shifting platforms, shifting gravity, and dynamic barriers. By overcoming these obstacles and keeping time with the music, you advance through the stages.

Amazing features

You may earn a set of achievements in the lite edition by completing particular in-game tasks. For those who want to challenge themselves and finish the game from beginning to end, these accomplishments offer a new level of satisfaction.

There is a strong you community for Geometry Dash where users make and share their custom levels. The lifespan of the game is increased by the community component, which offers you an endless supply of fresh challenges and materials.

Like the original Geometry Dash, the Lite edition has garnered praise for its captivating music, difficult levels, and addictive gameplay. You are encouraged to explore the full edition of the game for an even more comprehensive experience by using the Lite version as a free introduction to it.

Minimalist design

The game has a bright color scheme and a minimalistic style with basic geometric forms. The simple graphics help the game's emphasis on time and accuracy, which frees you up to focus on the action.

Entrancing soundtrack

The lively and catchy music goes well with the rhythm-based gameplay. Since you must synchronize their activities to the rhythm of the music, the music is an essential component of the experience.


Use the mouse.