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About Save The Kingdom

Save The Kingdom is a defense game to protect your castle. This game is also known as a legendary story where the fate of your kingdom is in your hands.

How to play

In this game, your primary objective is to defend your kingdom from the relentless onslaught of monsters. As the guardian of the realm, you must prepare yourself for epic battles against a variety of formidable enemies. From powerful wizards who wield dark magic to ethereal ghosts that haunt the night, each adversary poses a unique challenge that requires careful planning and strategic thinking.

Controls: Use the mouse.

Upgrade your skills and castles

To stand a chance against the monstrous forces, you must continuously upgrade your skills and fortify your castles. In Save The Kingdom, you have access to four general skills that can be enhanced and improved over time. These skills will play a crucial role in your defense strategy, allowing you to unleash devastating attacks and repel the enemy hordes.

Additionally, your castles serve as the frontline defense against the invading monsters. By investing in castle upgrades, you can reinforce their walls, strengthen their defenses, and unlock powerful abilities that will aid you in repelling the enemy onslaught. As you progress through the game, it is essential to allocate your resources wisely and make strategic decisions on which areas to prioritize for upgrades.

Become invincible

In Save The Kingdom, the path to victory lies in your ability to save money and strategically destroy monsters to earn points. With these points, you can unlock new castles and further enhance your defensive capabilities. As you accumulate points and progress through the game, you will unlock a total of 50 different levels, each more challenging than the last.