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About the game Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is a flexible strategic flying action game. Build powerful towers, unleash special abilities, and defend against waves of colorful balloons.

How to play

Your goal is to strategically place and upgrade monkey towers along a zigzag path to prevent waves of flaming balloons, or "bloons," from reaching the finish line. These bloons are available in an array of sizes, shapes, and colors, each of which represents a distinct quality and degree of resistance. Red bloons are the simplest and most basic to pop. As you go through the game, you'll encounter increasingly difficult bloons like blue, green, yellow, black, and even some level of balloon spaceships. If you want to try out your strategic abilities and love playing tower defense games, You can refer to the original game Bloons Tower Defense version.

Diverse tower types

The dart monkeys: hurl darts in the direction of the bloons.

Tack Shooters: A scattering of sharp tacks are fired by them.

Bomb towers: These structures shoot detonating explosives.

Ninja Monkeys: They are skilled with both ninja moves and shurikens.

Super Monkeys: Strong monkeys with different routes for advancement.

Sniper Monkeys: They hit bloons with pinpoint accuracy.

The variety of towers included in the game Bloons TD 6

There are many different kinds of monkey towers in the game, and each has special advantages and skills. The appeal of BTD6 is in the player's ability to try out various tower configurations, forging potent alliances and counterstrategies against ever-harder waves of bloons.

Various game modes

With a variety of game types, the game accommodates a broad spectrum of your preferences. There is something for everyone, regardless of whether you're searching for a short-term, casual experience or a long-term challenge.

In standard mode, you play as a tower defense player trying to fend off waves upon waves of bloons.

Alternate Bloons Rounds: Put your defenses to the test against bloons that have various characteristics and immunity.

Half Cash Mode requires careful resource management because you only get half the money for popping bloons.

Impeccable Mode: The hardest mode, with the hardest bloons and the toughest obstacles. Moreover, you'll have one heart only.

Deflation Mode: Resources are scarce, but bloons are simpler to pop

Apocalypse Mode: Infinite bloon waves and nonstop action.

Chimps Mode: The ultimate test: no sales, revenue, or further advancements permitted.

How to control

Use the mouse.