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About Bloons Tower Defense 3

Defend your territory in Bloons Tower Defense 3 from an invasion of moving balloons. It is the third installment in the game Bloons Tower Defense series.

How to play

The goal of this tower defense game is, of course, to keep the colorful balloons from invading your territory. From deploying monkeys to strategically placing pineapple bombs and needles, your mission is clear - pop those balloons before they reach their destination. If you love the game style of this game you can refer to the original game Bloons Tower Defense.

An arsenal of balloon-busting tools

Bloons Tower Defense 3 gives you more tools to use, so you can stop the colorful invaders in several different ways. These tools are very important to your success, and knowing how to use them right is the key to being completely satisfied.


The monkey defenders are your primary line of defense. They are strategically positioned along the tracks, armed with darts to pop the balloons. In the beginning, red balloons fly by, requiring just one hit to pop. However, as you progress, you'll encounter different-colored and faster balloons. These advanced balloons demand more than one hit to pop, and to complicate matters, as you hit them, they'll spawn more balloons. For instance, hitting a blue balloon will spawn a red one, while a green balloon will spawn blue, and so on. When facing these bigger balloons, it's crucial to upgrade your defense line.


Each monkey or tower has a selection of upgrades you can apply as you play. These upgrades are essential for enhancing the performance and value of your defenses. By upgrading your towers, you can increase their effectiveness in popping balloons, thus maximizing your popping power. Additionally, the upgrades will eventually allow you to sell the towers for more money, enabling you to purchase more potent defenses.

Spikes, Glue, & Pineapples

These special items offer a temporary but effective solution when you find yourself overwhelmed by balloons. Spikes, glue, and pineapples are one-time-use tools that can eliminate any balloons your towers may have missed during a round. They play a crucial role in fine-tuning your defenses and ensuring no balloon slips through.

Balloon variety and strategy

In Bloons Tower Defense 3, balloons come in a diverse range of colors and speeds, each signifying different characteristics and challenges. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter an array of balloon types that require specific strategies to counter effectively. Here are some of the balloon types you'll face:

Fast-Moving Balloons: These balloons whiz along the track at high speeds, making them challenging to hit. Precision and quick reflexes are essential to stop these speedy invaders.

Armored Balloons: Armored balloons are a tough nut to crack. They withstand a single hit and require multiple pops to defeat. Consequently, you'll need powerful towers or multiple defenders to take them down.

Rainbow Balloons: The ultimate challenge comes in the form of rainbow balloons. These elusive balloons are among the most challenging to pop and should be a focal point of your strategy.

Controls: Use the mouse.