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Experience the Challenging Retro Bowl Game

Retro Bowl is a fun sports game that challenges players to outscore their opponents. To win, you must carry the rugby ball towards the opponent's end zone.

Strategic Gameplay

The primary objective in Retro Bowl is to score more points than the opposing team by moving the rugby ball towards the opponent's base and reaching the end zone. You have two options to advance the ball – either by running with it or throwing it to your teammates. It's crucial to choose the right strategy based on the gameplay situation to maximize your scoring potential.

You must strategically compose your team and assign roles to the players. The team is typically divided into three groups: the attacking group, the defensive group, and the taskforce group.

Attacking Group

The midfielders in the attacking group are in charge of passing the ball to their teammates and moving it around. They are very important for getting to the other team's end zone and scoring points.

Defensive Group

It is the job of the defensive players to keep the other team from making much progress with the ball. Their goal is to stop the other team from scoring when they get to the end zone.

Taskforce Group

The task force group is in charge of kicking and throwing the ball. They are very important for making sure that passes are accurate and that field goals or extra points are scored after a touchdown.


A thrilling and enjoyable sporting event

Simple controls and pixelated visuals.

Based on how the game of rugby is actually played.

Use two 11-person teams to compete against one another.

Use the three positions to strategically build your team.


Arrow Keys: Navigate menus.

Spacebar or Enter: will confirm your choices, and let you snap the ball, throw passes, and tackle other players.

S Key: Speed up gameplay.

D Key: Slow down gameplay.

Q/W Keys: Make lateral passes.