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Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense


Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense is a journey to defend your fortress against the attack of an army of chickens. You must merge the cannons to attack.

The story in the game

The premise of the game is as bizarre as it is addictive. Picture this: a once-peaceful kingdom is suddenly plagued by a relentless invasion of chickens, armed to the beak with a singular mission - to lay siege to your castle. It's a surreal and chaotic world where poultry reign supreme and your sole defense is an array of quirky cannons.


In this game, your mission is simple, yet oddly challenging: fend off a relentless horde of chickens hell-bent on attacking your castle walls, all while maintaining and upgrading your artillery in a race against time.

Controls: Use the mouse.

Resist the attack of the chicken army

As the protector of your castle, your task is to prevent these avian invaders from breaching your defenses and wreaking havoc. But here's the catch- these chickens are not your typical, feathered foes. They come in droves, and they're well-armed. You'll face hordes of chicken commandos, chicken snipers, and even chicken bombers. Each wave presents new challenges and an ever-increasing level of mayhem.

In this chaotic world, you must continually upgrade your cannons by merging them. As you progress, you'll find yourself deep in the merge levels, requiring strategic planning to ensure your cannons are equipped to handle the evolving threats. Balancing between merging and battling the chicken army becomes the core of the gameplay, demanding quick thinking and precision.

Shopping for firepower

To fortify your defenses, you can visit the in-game shop, where a wide array of weaponry is at your disposal. The shop allows you to purchase weapons individually, each with its own unique capabilities. As you level up, more advanced and powerful cannons become available, granting you the means to take on the ever-increasing challenges of chicken warfare.

When the chickens are relentless in their assault, a frantic approach can lead you to simply mash the cannon button to produce more of a particular type and hope for the best. Yet, it's important to remember that successful defense requires a balance between firepower and fortification. Keeping your castle walls strong is just as crucial as upgrading your cannons. In the shop, you can allocate resources to enhance your defenses, ensuring that your castle stands tall amidst the chaotic chicken onslaught.