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Introduction game Chicken Merge

Protect your facility from the continuous attack of enemies in Chickens Merge. Your mission is to build a base by deploying a non-feared chicken army.

How to play

Your goal is to train and strengthen your chicken units to create a formidable defense against the incoming waves of enemies. To do this, you must merge identical chickens together to form stronger and more powerful units. By dragging and dropping chickens of the same type, you can fuse them into a single, upgraded chicken with enhanced abilities.

Once you have created a stronger chicken, you can strategically position it on the defense lines to shield your base from the enemy onslaught. The key to success in Chicken Merge lies in your ability to carefully plan your defenses and optimize the strengths of your chicken units. As you progress through the game, you'll face increasingly challenging waves of enemies, requiring you to continuously enhance and fortify your army of chickens.

Upgrade the chickens to become strong

The more robust your army of chickens, the better your arsenal becomes. You can unlock a plethora of upgrades and weapons that enhance your chickens' defensive capabilities and give you a significant edge in the battle against incoming enemies. These upgrades, from enhanced beak attacks to improved egg-laying abilities, are key to fortifying your defenses and achieving victory.

What makes Chicken Merge even more thrilling is the competitive aspect. You can share the game with your friends and challenge them to see who can build the strongest and most resilient coop. Compare your progress and strategies, and strive to outdo each other in creating an unbeatable defense against the enemy forces.

Controls: Use the mouse.