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Experience the game Bloons Tower Defense 5

Embark on a charming and strategic journey in Bloons Tower Defense 5. Defend against waves of bloons in this timeless tower defense classic.


Tower defense enthusiasts continue to see this game gameplay as a timeless masterpiece. If you want to immerse in a virtual environment of many improvements and additions to the series, you can go to Bloons Tower Defense 6.

Bloons are multicolored balloons, and your main goal in the game is to stop waves of them from reaching the end of a road by carefully placing and upgrading monkey towers. Bloons are the target, and players want to pop them to get in-game cash to upgrade their tower's supply.

Diverse types of balloons

Bloons are colored differently to indicate different difficulty levels. Massive Ornary Air Blimp and Ceramic are two stronger bloons that pose a greater threat than red, blue, or green bloons, which are simple and quick to explode.

Upgrades and progressions

Upgrades make your towers more effective and let you take on increasingly difficult bloon waves. Every tower has an upgrade tree, giving you more options when it comes to your strategic planning. Its ongoing success in the tower defense gaming world can be attributed to its simple yet difficult gameplay and endearing visual style.

How to control

Use the mouse.