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About Base Defense 2

Base Defense 2 is an exciting tower defense game that will test your strategic skills! Your mission is to protect your base from hordes of enemies.

How to play

In this game, you must protect your base from relentless enemy attacks by deploying a variety of weapons and defenses. As you progress, you'll earn resources that allow you to upgrade your arsenal, enhance your defenses, and unlock new and more powerful weapons. Get ready to face increasingly challenging enemies and levels as you strive to protect your base and conquer your foes.

Upgrade your arsenal

A wide range of weapons that can be improved as you play the game is available to you to help you protect your base. You can spend money to make your defenses stronger by collecting gold coins and metal from enemies that have died. Making changes to your strategy this way lets you keep up with new threats.

Diverse equipment

You will be provided with many equipment to assist you in the battle against enemy forces. From gunners and guards to triple gunners and throwing axes, you have the opportunity to choose the equipment that best suits your play style. Experiment with different combinations and discover the perfect balance between attack and defense.

Tactical planning

One of the coolest things about Base Defense 2 is that you can plan your strategy and then watch as your robot soldiers do what you say. You will face more difficult enemy formations as the game goes on, so you will need to plan ahead and change your defenses to match. Are you going to focus on making a strong defense or go for a more aggressive approach? You can make your choice.

Conquer the challenge

As you journey through the levels of Base Defense 2, you'll find yourself facing increasingly demanding adversaries. Your ability to adapt and refine your strategies will determine your success. Besides, the game Bloons Tower Defense 4 also has the goal of protecting your base and conquering many challenges.

How to control

Use the mouse.