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Get ready for addictive tower defense gameplay in Bloons Tower Defense 4! Defend against waves of colorful balloons with cunning strategies.

How to play

With the same frame as other versions, your first movement in this game is also clicking on the start button to switch on your performance. Next, you have to choose your favorite and demanding track as well as set your game mode. If it is your first time here, it's an easy mode that is highly recommended for you as a beginner. Moreover, You can refer to the original game Bloons Tower Defense.

After setting step, you must finish your goal, of course, it's to defend your territory from balloon attacks. You have to construct a concrete maze around your selected track with available towers to pop as many balloons as possible before they reach the final road and gradually disappear which means that you will lose your heart as well.

If you want to experience high speed, you can click and hold your mouse on the 'fast forward' button and maybe it makes your game more dramatic or exciting.

Maps and levels

The maps and difficulty level options in Bloons Tower Defense 4 4 are not under restriction. Rather, it offers a wide range of maps from beginner to expert tracks, each with distinct difficulties. Naturally, the player's task increases in direct proportion to the game's increasing complexity and difficulty as the map level rises.

Additionally, the game offers a variety of difficulty settings, ranging from easy to hard, so that players of various skill levels can be provided with a fulfilling tower defense experience.

The outstanding features of Bloons Tower Defense 4 modes

Sandbox mode: it is unlocked at rank 26. At Sandbox you have unlimited money and lives and you can choose which blooms come and when.

Apocalypse mode: it is unlocked at rank 31. Bloons will keep coming till your lives run out.

Double cash mode: Collect more game currency to buy more expensive towers.


As you play, you may apply a variety of upgrades to each tower. In fact, improving the effectiveness and worth of your defenses requires these improvements. As a result, you can optimize your popping power progress. Eventually, it will also let you sell the towers for additional money, which will let you buy more powerful defenses.


  • To play on a mobile device, simply tap the screen.
  • To play this game on a computer, click the left mouse button.