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About Age of War 2

Age of War 2 is a sequel to the conflict between civilizations through the ages. Lead your troops to triumph and become a legendary commander.

How to play

Your main goal stays the same: protect your base from constant enemy attacks while planning smart counterattacks to destroy their stronghold. Getting this balance right requires smart planning, the strategic placement of troops, the building of strong defenses, and the smart use of special skills to gain the upper hand on the battlefield.

Command your army

One of the best things about Age of War 2 is how well it can blend different time periods, from the very distant past to the very far future. As you move through these time periods, you'll come across a variety of well-known units and technologies that show how history has changed over time. From simple warriors in the Stone Age to advanced robots in the Future, each age has its own units, weapons, and strategies, which makes the game more interesting and fun.

The battlefield is always changing and growing. You can't just win by using brute force; you also need to be smart about strategy and be able to adapt. Each age requires a different approach and brings new problems that test your ability to think strategically. Protect your base with strong walls, use the special skills of your units, and time your counterattacks perfectly to improve your chances of winning. As you get older, the stakes rise, and your ability to balance offense and defense becomes more important than ever.

A story of progress and new ideas

As you go through the ages, you'll see how human society has changed over time, from simple tools to complex technology. From an interesting and educational point of view, the game shows the journey of humanity, showing the problems and successes that have shaped our history.

If you want a more intense experience, Age of War 2 has a mode where you can play online with others or against your friends. Test your strategies with Bloons Tower Defense 3 to discover fun and difficult challenges.