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Open tracks for miners to collect gold and overcome obstacles in the game Survival Express. Avoid letting miners hit cliffs and bombs along the way.


The game is set in a dark and mysterious cave, where a brave miner finds himself trapped in a cart. Your mission is to build a safe railway track for the cart to ride on, avoiding rocks, obstacles, and other hazards that could spell disaster. As the game progresses, the speed increases, intensifying the challenge and requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking to keep the miner alive.


As you move through the cave, keep an eye out for gold flecks that may appear. Getting these valuable nuggets not only raises your score but also makes your journey last longer. Getting more gold will let you ride longer, which will increase your chances of getting a really high score. But be careful not to let the allure of money take your attention away from the danger that lies around every corner. To do well in Survival Express, you need to find the right balance between risk and reward.

The unexpected descent

As the story of Survival Express starts, there is a shocking turn when a saboteur pushes a miner and a minecart into a cave. What at first seems like a terrible situation quickly turns into an interesting challenge. In the middle of the night, uncharted lands call, bringing with them not only fear but also excitement and riches that can't be counted.

Embrace the challenge

There is no turning back for our brave miner. The task is clear: the tracks in front of you disappear into the abyss. The only way to move forward is to welcome the upcoming adventure and rely on your smarts and quick reflexes to stay alive and do well.

How to control

Use the mouse.