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Introduction to UNO Online

Experience the classic card game UNO Online and compete against players worldwide. Match colors and numbers and be the first to run out of cards in your hand.


You start with seven cards, and each one has a number or a color on it. Your goal is to play your cards by matching the top card's number or color with one of your own. You have to draw a card from the deck if you don't have one that can be played.

When you use special cards to change the rules, the game gets really fun. Bonus cards, like Skip and Draw Two, are added to UNO Online. These cards let you mess up your opponents' plans. It can change the game if you skip their turn or make them draw extra cards.

Some special cards

The Skip Card lets you skip the turn of the next player. It can help you get an edge in the game by messing up your opponents' plans.

When you play a Reverse Card, it changes the direction of the game and makes your opponents rethink their plans. For you, it can completely change the way the game is played and turn the odds in your favor.

If your opponent has the Draw Two Card, you can make them draw two more cards from the deck. This not only makes their hand bigger, but it also gives you a chance to make the gap between your hand and theirs bigger.

Everyone can use the Wild Card, which can be used at any time. You get to pick the color the game should go on with when you play a Wild card. Changing the color to one that helps you or one that challenges your opponents can be a smart move.

The most powerful card in UNO Online is the Wild Draw Four. In this case, it's like a Wild card plus a Draw Four card. You choose the next color when you play a Wild Draw Four card. The next player has to draw four cards and skip their turn. This is a strategic move that can have a big effect on how the game turns out.

Multiplayer mode

When you play with friends, the game feels more personal because you can plan ahead, make deals, and joke around while trying to be the first person to run out of cards.

You can play against computer opponents of different skill levels if you'd rather play by yourself. In UNO Online, the AI opponents are a good way to see how good you are, and you can change how hard they are if you want to.

How to play

Use the mouse.